Saturday, July 11, 2009

Taller de Arte, Week 2

by Camila

Hola todos!

Mil discuplas for the lack of posts in the last couple of weeks! We have been extremely busy every day with work. We just got home form our second to last day of Taller de Paz. Tomorrow will be our final event with all the kids, which will be a field trip to the Javeriana soccer field where we will be doing games, relay races, tug-o-war, a water balloon fight, and pickup soccer.

We have a lot of catching up to do, to share with everyone what we have been doing these last two weeks. Rather than write, I wanted to show photos from the second week of Taller de Arte. Enjoy!

The sign outside our classroom:

Grupo Rojo worked on Marimonda masks:

Grupo Rojo members, inlcuding Cristina, Yeison, Carlos, Andres, Karen and Laura work on their various art projects with "la profe Coco"

Juan Carlos painted his papier-mâché mask to show his Colombian pride, and got himself a little painted along the way...

Luisa also got some paint on herself...

Juan Pablo also made his mask to rep Colombia. He explained that it would come handy while watching soccer games of la selección Colombiana.

With the Green Group, which is of the group of the youngest kids in Taller de Paz (ages 6-9) we made finger puppets one day. Yorgen and Yohan show off their puppetry skills:

Edna Rocío and Yeimy from the older group work on a model of their community, aka their "maqueta de barrio" which represented issues they see in their community. They decided to include both the rural and urban settings in which they've lived.

Maqueta in progress...on one side you see the tall buildings of Bogotá, the river that divides the two (which they subsequently made to look contaminated to represent the river that runs through their neighborhood in Suba) and the countryside on the other side with some colorful cows in a pen.

Bus ride home on Friday of the second week of Taller de Paz. I really like going with the kids on the bus ride to pick them up in the morning and drop them off in the's a chance to hang out with the kids in a non-classroom setting, hear more of about their lives and families, talk to parents, and LAUGH!

More to come on the third and FINAL week of Taller de Paz which we just completed. We painted mural/banners in Taller de Arte! Look out for the photos of the murals to come soon!

And finally...sunset over Bogotá. In this huge city of more than 8 million people many different realities coexist. Like most huge cities in the global south, extreme wealth of a small percentage of the population masks the marginalization of the poor, who in Bogotá are often from displaced families that have arrived to a tight job market and discrimination because of their status as desplazados (and because desplazados are often Afro-Colombian, indigenous and women...more to come on the relationship between race, gender and displacement)


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