Sunday, June 6, 2010

New Summer, New Website!

Hey Everyone,

Just in case you came looking for us here, we've moved! Check out the link below to see our new website and learn about everything we will be doing this summer 2010.

 But since you are here already, we'll give you a quick overview of what we have been up to.

Over the past year we have been at work raising funds, developing the workshops, generating new ideas, and spreading the word. We are happy to report that we were able to obtain enough funding to sustain the project and not only continue but improve upon what we started in summer 2009. And, with money comes responsibility, so through months of deliberation and planning we have formed 4 new workshops that will build on the previous ones. They are Art, Story-Telling, Inquiry, and Leadership. We have also formed the groundwork for a Parent's Committee, Research Projects, Mini-Workshops, and a collaboration with Project Next Generation for an intercultural exchange.

Also, this year we will be welcoming two new Swarthmore students and one more from La Javeriana. Mariela Puentes '12 will be leading the Art Workshop this summer and Jovanna Hernandez '13 will direct Inquiry (a new workshop which explores the scientific method as a way of analyzing and resolving social problems). And, Natalia Jimenez Molano, a psychology student from La Javeriana, will join Alex in the Story-Telling workshop.

To learn more about these projects and people, check out the new website. And we'd love to hear from you.

un abrazo

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