Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ingles y Literatura Day 3


Today was an exciting day in the Taller de Ingles y Literatura for two reasons:

1) The students were able to really loosen up while they learned the vocabulary of quite a long list of animals. We ran, pounced, jumped, slithered, swam, and crawled around the room as monkeys, snakes, bulls, whales, penguins, wolves, and even rhinoceros. For the most part the rooms are sound proof, so the other classes were spared the multitude of noises made to howl at the moon, sing like a whale, growl like a dog, and OooOOooo like a monkey. 

2) We did are first activity with acting and many of the students loved it. The scene was at a police station with an investigator and a thief. The thief had to explain to the police officer why they had a certain animal in their bag. Though a bit ridiculous considering that the bag is about a 1'6'' x 1' and the thief had stolen a monkey, then an elephant, then a cat, the students had some creative and real answers. They were extremely adept at thinking on their feet.

I interviewed Andrés to see what his thoughts were on the
crime and to make sure that he wasn't an accomplice.

Those in the audience watched excitedly, often times
participating in what was happening in the scene. 

Juan Carlos had to explain how he fit a full-grown 
elephant in the small bag. Although the assumption was 
magic, the truth was much graver as he admitted to chopping
it apart in order to fit it. 

Juan Pablo was the first to go for the day. He was the perfect
monkey thief but with good intentions. He asserted that he 
had to steal the monkey in order to feed his children. 

Eventually, the students began to play every part including
a recorder of the investigation to be later used in court. 

Paula showed now mercy during her investigation. 
She gave up to 50 years in jail for the robbery. 

William played cool when he was on the hot seat. 
Nothing that I asked him seemed to phase him despite
the steep charges against him, including stealing a shark
in order to murder.
The younger students mapped out a zoo with the animals 
that they had learned earlier. I can't say that I am a huge fan
of zoos because the animals always look so depressed, but this
was an excellent activity to reinforce the vocab. 

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