Friday, June 26, 2009

Ingles y Literatura Day 4


After learning quite a lot of vocab in the first three days, today was a day of review. We started off as always with our Warm-ups; this time imitating transportation modes, expressions, and animals. For the second activity we played pictionary using the same vocab. Things got pretty heated between the two teams, but in the end we remembered that it was just a game.

Andrés waits expectantly as the teams work 
out the word Octopus (el pulpo)

Yeihfer draws out Eye Lashes (las pestañas) for his team to guess

Charlie (Carlos) trying to think of a word that 
has escaped him

Luis Felipe celebrating his team's correct guessing of a word

Fabian, unable to accept defeat

The beginning of the long trek up from the Colegio to 
the Parque de las Nevadas.
Ingrid, posing on a ledge above all of Suba

Eva, with a forlorn look, gazes over the city

The police who escorted us on our field trip
took the group picture.

At the park, we played soccer ... 
raced ... 
and took pictures of ourselves. 

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